Pet-Parent Adventures

Some days, I love my pup, Bastion. Other days, he drives me up the wall. And some days…I just give up and try to go along with his latest antics. Today has been one of those days.

Now, I know I have mentioned Bastion here and there, and shared pictures of him. Here’s a little bit more about him. Bastion is a 6 month old, 55 pound bundle of stubbornness, teeth, and mischief. He’s a Czechoslovakian vlcak, so I don’t know why I was expecting anything other than what I got. This breed is well known for their love of counter surfing, getting their noses into other’s business, and being smart to the point that if you ask them to repeat something too many times, they’ll stop listening because they get bored.

Now, we’ve had our ups and downs with this pup. Sometimes he infuriates my husband to the point where he threatens to get rid of him (not that I would ever let that happen), but lately he’s been doing much better. Today, he was just out looking for trouble.

The day has been going pretty well, until my husband went to bed, that is. It was raining earlier, and after I fed the animals (the rest of them will be introduced later!), I looked outside and, satisfied that there were no visible mud puddles in the backyard, I let Bastion and Kenzi, our black German shephard, out to play. I was in one of the rooms that back up to the yard when I heard and odd splashing sound. Thinking that it started raining, I ran to the back door to let the dogs in – only to have the aforementioned 55 pounds run inside, dragging in a few extra pounds of mud on his fur. Before I could catch him, he proceeded to run as far as he could into the house, spreading all that mud.

After I finished cleaning him (which is an ordeal all of its own), and washing the floors, I thought that was it for the night. But no, Bastion had other plans. Remember the counter surfing that I mentioned? Well, we try to keep anything of value/harm out of his reach. So when I heard a loud bang, followed by the sound of shattering glass, I beelined for the kitchen. My first thought was that he got my husband’s french press that I washed. To my horror, it was my 12″ glass pan lid, which stared up at me from a bazillion pieces (I could hear the glass still crackling and popping while I was cleaning it up). And as I yelped for Bastion to get away, he showed me his level of intelligence by trying to eat some of the glass shards that broke off.

Here’s to hoping that the rest of the night will be a little bit less eventful.

Bastion 5.22.15


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